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They Were Framed

| Friendly | March 27, 2015

(It’s nearly Christmas and one of my best friends has given me a wonderful picture she’s drawn as an early present. I insist that we immediately go to the store to buy a frame for it. When we get to the store there are several other people in the aisle with the frames. It should be noted that we tend to shout at each other a lot and every little discussion we have we like to escalate into an exaggerated fight but most of the time its just as a joke.)

Me: “All right, we need a black A3 frame.”

Friend: *picks up a frame without really looking at it* “How about this one?”

Me: “That’s gonna be way too small.”

Friend: *picks up another frame* “This one?”

Me: “I don’t really like the design. Hang on, how about this one?”

Friend: “Does that really look A3 to you?”

Me: “I dunno! That’s why I asked you!”

Friend: “You’re so blind! What about this one?”

Me: “If I had wanted a brown frame I would have asked for one!”

Friend: *shouting* “What’s wrong with it!?”

Me: *also shouting* “It’s a black and white picture! A black frame would compliment it! A brown one would just look awful!”

Friend: “Why do you have to be such a picky b****! Just choose a frame so we can go! Just pick that one!”

Me: “Are your eyes just for show? That’s brown AND way too small! You’re not even looking!”

Friend: “I am looking! That one’s black. Just get it!”

Me: “That’s gonna be way too huge, it’ll never fit on my wall! Oh, I’m sorry; I must have forgotten that wall space is infinite in magic [Friend]-land!”

Friend: “I swear I’m going to strangle you if you don’t pick a frame!” *picks up a frame and hands it to me*

Me: “What the h*** is this?” *I look at the frame. Its black and it looks about A3. I stop shouting* “Oh… wait… I think this might actually be all right. Do you think the picture will fit?”

Friend: *suddenly in a soft, friendly voice* “Yeah, it should. Even if it doesn’t, we could probably just trim the edges a bit.”

Me: “Brilliant! This is why you’re the smart one!”

(As we turned to head to the register, we noticed that the aisle was completely empty. When we got to the register the cashier, as well as some of the other shoppers, gave us a very worried look and was very quiet. We very politely paid and left. As we got back to the car the two of us burst into laughter.)

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