They Were Also Dee-You-Emm-Bee

| Romantic | November 9, 2011

(I’m a guy and am at the pub with a couple of friends drinking. A group of five girls calls me over with a hand gesture. As I walk over, they ask me my name and I introduce myself.)

Girl #1: “Hey, would you sleep with her?” *points towards her friend, who we’ll call Girl #2*

Me: “Erm…probably not, no…”

(Girl #2 looks offended while the other girls exchange looks and giggles.)

Girl #2: “What, why not?”

Me: “Well, I’m a little bit gay.”

(There’s a short pause while the group processes this new information. Finally another girl, Girl #3, speaks up.)

Girl #3: “Are you ‘Gee’…”

(She makes a “G” shape with her hands…)

Girl #3: “‘Ay’…”

(She makes an “A” shape with her hands…)

Girl #3: “‘Wye’?”

(She makes a “W” shape with her hands. I have to stop myself from laughing.)

Me: “Yes, but that was a ‘W’ you made.”

(I walk off, leaving them, and head back to my friends.)

Friend: “Dude, they were hot!”

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