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They Went To Medical School For THIS?

, , , | Healthy | January 11, 2022

I’m an emergency ward doctor. One day, they told me my mom was having problems breathing. She was suffering from a certain contagious illness, and I couldn’t see her in three days. The news wrecked me for some minutes. I sat down and grabbed my head to put my mind together.

At that exact moment, someone with a massive brain stroke came to ER. I rushed to help. It took around thirty minutes for me to come back.

This resulted in a man screaming and swearing at me.

Man: “What’s taking so long? My son could’ve died waiting for you!”

Me: “Sir, there’s a person whose brain is literally bleeding. We had to attend to them.”

Man: “Well, they’ve probably been bleeding for some days now! My son has a runny nose!”

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