They Want A Management Replacement

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Our store has a strict policy about dealing with incorrect orders. Every manager knows the speech by heart and there are signs around our store and on our receipts.

A lady comes in during the lunch rush demanding a manager.

Manager: “You wanted to speak with a manager, ma’am?”

Customer: “Yes! All our food was wrong! The meat was cold and the buns hard as rocks and the fries were soggy and greasy! I need the whole thing replaced!”

Manager: “Yes, ma’am. Do you have your receipt with you still?”

Customer: “I didn’t get a receipt! I came through the drive-thru.”

Manager: “Even so, unless you purposely drove off without your receipt, you would have received one.”

Customer: “Well, I didn’t! I called and they said you’d fix it!”

Manager: “Okay, and when did this occur?”

Customer: “Two days ago.”

My manager pulls a big folder out and flips to a page. It is the book where all the call-in orders are recorded and kept track of.

Manager: “Okay, I see a couple of orders. Could you give me your full name and the name of the manager you spoke to?”

Customer: “It’s [My Name], and I don’t remember the manager’s name. It was a man.”

Manager: “Well, we only have one male manager that works in the evenings and he’s still out of the country. Are you sure this was two days ago? I can’t find any matching information.”

Customer: “Maybe it was four or five days ago. I can’t remember! Just fix my food; I have places to be!”

Manager: “Ma’am, I can’t find any indication of your order needing to be replaced. Our policy is very strict and if you had called in and talked to a manager, they would have taken down your information in this book, including the list of food to be replaced. They also would have given you their code to write on your receipt to bring in to prove you did speak to a manager. Since I can find none of those things, I can’t replace your order.”

Customer: “This is ridiculous! Since when has your policy been so strict?! I’ve never heard of this before! You idiots will be hearing from me again. I’ll call the store owner! I’ll call corporate and tell them you stole my money!”

Manager: “Ma’am, feel free to call the store manager, the store owner, and our corporate offices. They are all aware of our policy, seeing as it has been in effect for the past six years to prevent fraud. If that is all, ma’am, I need to return to my station.”

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