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They Use The Term “Support” Loosely, Apparently

, , | Right | CREDIT: death_blade01 | December 21, 2021

I’m a software engineer. I am on a call with my program manager and her support person. [Program Manager] is nearing seventy and not technical at all. [Support Person] is a know-it-all. He does admin and whatever work [Program Manager] gives him; he’s not actually tech support.

When we get on the call, [Program Manager] mentions that she’s having a lot of trouble with her laptop this morning and sounds close to tears. I ask a few basic questions like, “What’s it doing?” She explains that when she types letters, she gets numbers.

Apparently, [Support Person] told her to restart the machine multiple times but it didn’t help. He’s been trying to help her for about thirty minutes now. He then says that she needs her keyboard replaced. This upsets her more because getting that replaced where we work could take weeks.

Me: “What happens when you type O?”

Program Manager: “I get a 6.”

Me: “Your num lock is on.”

I then explained how to shut off num lock. It took all of one minute to diagnose the problem, explain how to fix it, and test it. [Program Manager] was thrilled and [Support Person] shut up for the first time in his life. It was a nice meeting.

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