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They Understand What You Are Seine

| Related | June 11, 2013

(My sister and I are American, but she lives in Paris. I barely speak any French, so she and her friends speak English when I visit. During my first visit, I am surprised at the way men harass us on the street.)

Middle-Aged Man: *calls out to us in French*

Me: “Was he speaking to us?”

Sister: “It’s nothing; just ignore him.”

Man’s Friend: *makes obviously rude comment*

Me: “Did I do something to insult them?”

Sister’s Friend: “No, they’re just being men.”

(As the two men continue to jeer, I get increasingly uncomfortable. My sister sees this.)

Sister: “Calm down. I’ll take care of this.”

(She walks over, smiles, and speaks to them politely for a bit. They turn white, and almost run away.)

Me: “What did you just say to them?”

Sister: “I just asked them to stop being so rude, nothing major.”

(I later ask my sister’s friend what everyone was saying. Here’s a rough translation:)

Middle-Aged Man: “Hey gorgeous, come over here! Hey, do you even speak French?”

Man’s Friend: “Just listen to them! Stupid Americans; probably can’t understand us.”

Sister: “Listen, you inbred sons of syphilitic w*****. I don’t like the way you’re speaking to my baby sister. She may not understand you, but I can. And if you don’t stop, I will gladly cut off your pathetic excuses for manhood, and feed them to the pigeons. Okay?”

(I love my sister.)

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