They Think They’re A Discounted Lamp Of Sunshine!

, , , | Right | March 16, 2020

(It’s a horribly cold Wednesday in Minnesota, and schools have been closed for three days. Many businesses have closed early or just in general, but not ours. I’m on the floor ordering my department when a customer asks a question.)

Customer: “Are lamps on sale this week?”

Me: “Usually we sign the entire aisle if they are, so I don’t believe so, sorry.”

Customer: “Will they be on sale next week?”

Me: “They’re usually on a cycle, so probably. Although, you could also use your coupon on one.”

Customer: “What if I want two lamps?”

Me: “Well, the coupon is one per person per day, so you could get one today and one tomorrow?”

Customer: “Or I could get my husband to come in from the car and buy one.”

Me: “That would work, too.”

(She makes another comment about lamps and I say something else about getting new ones in recently, etc. A few minutes later…)

Customer: “Great day to come in here! No lines!”

Me: *awkward chuckle*

(Yeah, you’re probably the only customer in the building, lady. It’s like -30 out, and if I didn’t have to be at work I’d be home under a blanket watching TV, not out shopping for things I don’t need!)

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