They Should Start Printing Money

| Working | August 27, 2014

(I work in a copy shop that runs on pretty high margins. Because of this, we will often offer up to around a 30% discount to new, possibly large clients in order to hook them in. That kind of discount will often be reflected in our program for businesses should they choose to continue working with us anyway.)

Me: “So [Client] is finally ready to print?”

Manager: “Yep. She wants 1000 double sided color copies.”

Me: “Really?! Great! The price on that will make up for all of those revisions that we did for her.”

(We had been working on revisions with this client for months. Most of the revisions were simply her changing her mind.)

Manager: “Eh, heh… Yeah… Well, uh, [General Manager] apparently set up a discounted price with them.”

Me: “Oh, well that’s all right. What’s the discounted price?”

Manager: “[Price that’s roughly 90% off of the normal price].”

Me: “… WHAT!”

Manager: “I know. He made me go to [Online Print Supplier] and quote their price.”

Me: “But… they can give those prices because they have a massive printing factory! And slower turnaround! We’ll lose money on that price! And they’ll expect that kind of pricing from now on!”

Manager: “I know… but [General Manager] said—”

Me: “Why didn’t he bring this up with me? I’m the supervisor now! I’ve been working on this project! I could have explained to him why this was a terrible idea!”

Manager: “That’s just what he said to do…”

(Lo and behold, we didn’t make our budget for that week.)

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