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They Should Retire From Dealing With People

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I deal with a doctor who rents a clinic office in a professional building for doctors and other medical professionals. One of the terms of her lease is that she is locked in for a period of five years unless she dies, retires, or sells her practice to someone willing to assume her lease.

I get an email from this doctor.

Doctor: “Hello, I am retiring from my practice and wish to terminate my lease. Please send me the paperwork required to terminate the lease.”

I dutifully do up the paperwork for ending her lease and reply to her email.

Me: “Hello, [Doctor], please find attached the application to end the lease. If you could provide us with a copy of your notice to the College of Physicians retiring your practice, we will begin processing your application.”

Not ten minutes later, I get a phone call. It’s the doctor, and she’s irate.

Me: “Hello, [Doctor], what can I help you with?”

Doctor: “I can’t believe that you are trying to force me out of a job! You’ve asked me to retire! I don’t want to retire! How dare you imply that I’m not fit to do my job?!”

Me: “[Doctor], we asked for your retirement paperwork because you specifically informed us that you were looking to get out of your lease because you are retiring. Is that not true?”

Doctor: “Of course it’s not true! I don’t want to retire; I just want to get out of my lease!”

Me: “I’m sorry, [Doctor], but your lease clearly states that you are responsible for the full term of five years unless you die, retire, or assign your practice.”

Doctor: “I know that!”

Me: “So are you retiring, or are you staying with your practice?”

Doctor: “I’m not retiring! You’re an idiot!” *Click*

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