They Should Brake Up

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I work at a tire shop, where we also do a few other maintenance packages, such as brakes. I see an online appointment pop up for a wheel balance. The only thing listed on the appointment is just a balance; no rotate or any other comments listed. I accept it and wait for the customer to arrive.

Customer: “I’m here for my online appointment.”

Me: “Okay, I see you’re in for a balance.”

I ask a few general questions, such as why he believes his wheels are out of balance — any shaking at high speeds, shaking in the steering wheel, etc.

Customer: “I’ve got some shaking. I think a balance will fix it, so just the balance today.”

Me: “Yes, sir.”

My tech takes the wheels off to balance them but notices that the customer’s rear brakes are metal to metal. There is literally no pad left to them, which has also caused damage to the rotors.

Me: “So, we balanced out your tires, but your rear brakes and rotors are shot. There’s no pad left, and they’ve caused damage to the rotors, as well. At this point, we are recommending rear pads and rotors for this vehicle.”

Customer: “Oh, we’re getting ready to go on a road trip. I can’t afford to put brakes on at this time.”

Me: “That’s okay, but I would highly advise not using this vehicle for your trip, for safety reasons.”

Customer: “Okay.”

The customer pays for the balance and leaves. A few minutes go by and the customer returns with his wife.

Customer’s Wife: “Why didn’t you guys rotate my tires?!”

Me: “My apologies. I wasn’t made aware that you requested a rotation.”

I double-check the online appointment just to make sure.

Me: “No, ma’am, nothing was mentioned on the online booking that you requested a rotation, and your husband confirmed that we were just doing a wheel balance.”

Customer’s Wife: “I have a coupon!”

Me: “That’s fine, ma’am. If you hand me your keys, I will have my tech pull it back in and rotate the tires for you at no charge.”

Customer’s Wife: “Why didn’t you use my coupon?!”

Me: “I wasn’t aware you had a coupon; your husband never mentioned it. But no worries, we can go ahead and still do the rotate for you.”

Customer’s Wife: “This is unbelievable!”

She storms out. The husband and I stand there for a few moments.

Me: “So, you gonna tell her about the rear brakes, or would you like me to?”

They both left without a free rotate. The next day, they left two negative reviews for my store. Guess you just can’t please everyone.

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