They Scored Straight DN’A’s

| Friendly | December 4, 2016

(A group of us are eating together. While none of us were born in China, we are all ethnically Chinese. Everything said at the table is in jest and we are by no means racist.)

Friend #1: “Did anyone see that video online the other day? About the DNA tests?”

Friend #2: “The one where it tells you how mixed everyone really is?”

Friend #3: “Yes! There was this one guy and he was all ‘I’m 100% British!’ and it turned out he was like, a quarter German!”

Friend #1: “I think I should take that test. I mean I know I am Chinese, but it would be very interesting to see what else my DNA tells me.”

(Friend #1’s sister chimes in.)

Friend #1’s Sister: “Oh, how much do they cost?”

Friend #1: “£79.99.”

Friend #1’s Sister: “So much! Just take the test and let me know the results. What applies to you will apply to me.”

Friend #2: “That’s so cheap!”

Friend #3: “Yeah, I don’t think you need that test [Friend #1’s Sister]. If you’re that cheap, you’re definitely 100% Chinese!”

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