They Saved You Four Cents And This Is How You Repay Them?

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I work for a dollar store chain when there is a coin shortage. We are encouraged to ask customers if they have change so we won’t deplete the change in our till. I usually keep a little change on me for customers who are just a few pennies over, so they won’t have to break a bill. Most customers are very appreciative of this.

I’m checking a customer out.

Me: “Your total is $3.04. Do you have correct change?”

She doesn’t; she only has a $5 bill. So, I put in the extra change to give her the $2 change.

Customer: “Where is my change?”

Me: “I put four extra pennies in for you so I could just give you bills.”

She loses it!

Customer: “I demand a refund, now! I want to pay with my card instead.”

I have to call my supervisor to do the refund, holding up my line for several minutes. The customer then blames me for the customers behind her being delayed, all over four cents. The other customers are upset, too — with her, not me — because of the situation.

I learned that no good deed goes unpunished, I guess. I quit a couple of weeks later for a better job that pays more and is less stressful.

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