They Really Want It To Be Another Day

, , , | Right | July 9, 2018

(I am a server, and our restaurant has just opened for lunch. I’m currently on the patio, setting roll-ups on each table. There is a customer reading our display menus a few feet away.)

Customer: “What is your soup of the day?”

Me: “Today, it will be Guinness Cheddar.”

Customer: “Thanks, I’ll be back with my wife.”

(He returns twenty minutes later with his wife, and asks for a table outside. And as soon as I direct them to a table, I put menus down and he asks:)

Customer: “So, what’s your soup of the day?”

Me: “I believe it is still Guinness Cheddar.”

(I go back inside.)

Me: “[Other Server], table 63 is all yours. They just sat down, and have asked me what the soup of the day is twice already.”

Server: “No problem.”

(He goes out to greet the table, and a couple minutes later, comes back inside laughing.)

Server: “They both asked me what the soup of the day is!”

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