They Really Filled Out… Those Shoes

| Learning | June 9, 2014

(Three teenage male students are gathered around a computer. I am their teacher, sitting a few seats away from them.)

Boy #1: “Hey man, check these out! Those are NICE. Do you think they are real or fake?”

Boy #2: “Oh, yeah, Those are fake, though. They gotta be. No way those are real.”

Boy #3: “Yeah, you can tell just by the way they look. Those are fake, for sure.”

Me: *spins around, yelling* “WHAT are you boys looking at over there?!”

All Three Boys: *with innocent faces and sounding really confused* “Shoes! Nike Jordans online! Why?!”

Me: *puts head down on the desk, laughing*

All Three Boys: “What, miss? What? What’s so funny?”

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