They Probably Get This Call More Than Monthly

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My wife is currently sick and we need to contract with a specialized nursing service that is not cheap. Thankfully, during their first visit, they explain that we will be able to spread the payments out over the entire year so we won’t need to pay everything up front, and we sign up.

I am very surprised when I get a bill for a year’s worth of services in the mail a week later. I call up to get it sorted out.

Me: “Hi. I just got a bill for an entire year’s worth of services but I signed up to pay monthly. Can you help me get this fixed?”

Billing Rep: “Oh, that’s not a mistake. We aren’t able to make personalized bills for everyone, so you’ll just need to log in online and make your payment.”

Me: “But my bill is annual. I should have a monthly bill.”

Billing Rep: “Yes, but you still need to pay now.”

Me: “How can I pay for something if I don’t get a bill that tells me the right amount?”

Billing Rep: “I understand your frustration, but we can’t make personalized bills for everyone.”

Me: “Sorry, I know you’re not the one who makes this policy, but are you telling me that you are the only business in the world that can’t make bills that actually reflect what your customers owe?”

Billing Rep: *Chuckles* “You have no idea how many times I need to explain this. I’m sorry. It is a very old system.”

Me: “That’s okay. But how exactly do I pay when I don’t know how much I actually owe right now?”

Billing Rep: “Well, I can tell you that. It would be [amount]. You can just edit the amount online and that will take care of it.”

Me: “Okay, I just input the amount online and processed the payment. Can you take a note to your manager that you were great but this system is insane?”

Billing Rep: “Right away!”

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