They Oughta Give You A Pizza Their Mind

, , , | Working | October 9, 2020

At my fast food job, the owner will occasionally splurge on pizza for everyone. 

Coworker #1: *To the owner* “Hey, I was thinking we should have some pizza today.”

Owner: “Good idea. I’ll call them up. Can someone pick it up, though?”

Coworker #2: “I’ll pick it up; just let me know when I can leave to get it.”

Work gets really busy for a while. When it slows down…

Manager: “So, does anyone remember the pizza we ordered four hours ago?”

Needless to say, we did not get pizza today but will get some tomorrow, instead. The pizza place was able to sell our pizzas to someone else so they were not out the money and they understood that we got busy. Sorry to those poor workers that had to make our pizza and got stood up, though.

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