They Only Want 2% Of The 2%

, , , | Right | July 20, 2020

I work in a hotel as a breakfast attendant. One morning, I’m walking around the lobby area, checking for what needs to be restocked and anything that requires my immediate attention. A man gets my attention.

Customer: “Excuse me, where’s the milk?”

I point to the drink area, we have orange, cranberry, and apple juice in a machine that deposits it when you push a button, and a refrigerator that holds bottles of milk, yogurt, and fruit.

Me: “In the refrigerator, sir.”

He thanks me, goes to the juice machine and pushes a button. Getting orange juice, confused, he turns to me.

Customer: “This isn’t milk.” 

Me: “No, sir, it’s not; it’s in the fridge.”

I pull open the door to the fridge for him and he grabs a bottle of milk, dumps half of it in his bowl of cereal, takes a gulp, and then puts the half-empty bottle back in the fridge. Please note that these are single-serving bottles of milk. 

Me: *Politely* “Oh, sir, did you not want the rest of your milk? You can take it with you in case you need more.”

Customer: *Shaking his head* “No, that’s all I need, thanks.”

He just walked off. I shook my head, grabbed the half-empty bottle, and took it to the back to be thrown away.

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