They Need Real Glasses More Than Wine Glasses

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(My mum and I both get our first pair of glasses around the same time. I am in my early twenties and become short-sighted and she is in her early fifties and needs reading glasses. Both of us only wear them part-time. My dad also wears glasses part-time for short-sightedness and has done since his teens, leaving my sister the only one of us without. Shortly after getting our glasses, my sister and I visit our parents, and we all went out for dinner. Mum and I are both a little excited about our new acquisitions and mention them throughout the meal.)

Me: *peering at the bar* “I’ll need my glasses to see what beers they’ve got on.” *puts on glasses, takes them off again straight away*

Mum: *looking at the menu* “Oh, I can’t read this without my glasses.” *puts on glasses, takes them off again straight away*

Me: “I can’t see that specials board from here; I’ll get my glasses.”

Mum: “Is that the wine list? Just let me get my glasses.”

(Finally, my sister snaps.)

Sister: “You’ve both got glasses! We know.”

(Joke’s on her; guess who needs glasses now?)

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