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They Need A Realty Check

, , , | Right | September 21, 2022

I take real estate photos for realtors. I am in a house where the main level looks ready, but the homeowner is bustling around upstairs, cleaning.

Realtor: *To the homeowner* “It just matters that things are tidy. If it isn’t perfectly clean, it doesn’t show up in photos, right?”

I agree, and then the homeowner turns to me.

Homeowner: “I know. But I’m doing this for me!”

I get paid per house, not per hour, and I was standing there with all my gear, ready to go. I did my best to work around her and started on the main level, but I still had to wait around for her to finish cleaning upstairs.

It’s one thing to want things clean, but to admit to the contractor standing in your home waiting for you that you’re being selfish was a whole other issue. I was not impressed.

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