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They Need A Brain Massage

, , , | Right | February 28, 2019

(I work as a receptionist in a spa in an airport, so the majority of our appointments are walk-ins. We schedule times in five-minute increments so it’s easier for everyone, and we always give our massage therapists at least five minutes between each appointment so they can get ready for the next. A client walks in to ask about our next available time.)

Client: “I’m looking for a twenty-minute massage. What’s your next availability?”

Me: “My next available time is 4:35.”

Client: “Well, which one is it?”

Me: *gives a clearly confused look* “4… 35?”

Client: “Which one is it? 4:30 or 5? You need to be more clear.”

Me: *tries so hard not to face-palm* “The time is 4:35. Five minutes after 4:30.”

Client: “Well, why didn’t you say that the first time?”

(All my coworkers on shift and I had a good laugh about this. Why she would think I would give her a very vague appointment time is beyond me. When you go to the doctor, they don’t give you a two-hour window!)

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