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They Must Think You’re Really Tithe

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(My friend invites me to a church she just started attending with her coworker. The coworker has been going to this church for years. I make sure to take $5 to donate since I don’t want to seem rude. At the beginning of the sermon, they ask if there are any new people. My friend and I raise our hands; we think they are just taking count of how many new people came for the day. We are wrong. They hand us a piece of paper with information on when we could bring our check stubs from our jobs to the church.)

Me: “Why do you need this information?”

Them: “We need to make sure you are donating 10% of what you make before taxes.”

Me: “I’m not going to do this.”

Them: “Well, then, you will have to leave.”

(We left and the other people we were there with got mad at us for not giving the church the information they wanted. This was a while ago and that church is still going.)

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