They Must Have Learned From Vader’s Wheezing Problem

| Calgary, AB, Canada | Right | October 13, 2010

(An angry looking young couple storms into the convenience store.)

Man: “You sell cigarettes?”

Me: “Yes.”

Man: “You smoking b******!”

Me: “I don’t smoke. I’m not the one that picks out the–”

Woan: “That is f***ing illegal!”

Me: “No, actually, it’s not.”

(The woman pulls something out of her purse and writes a message on it. She slams it on the counter and she and her husband storm off. I look at it later and it is a picture of a Death Star. The message reads ‘This is coming to get you!’.)

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  • Nallely Natalie Ramos Valencia

    Well that was something

  • steeledminer616

    See, at this point I can’t tell if they were joking or not. I’ll pray for the former.