They Must Be Whacking That Weed

, , , , | Right | May 6, 2020

My mother and I are interested in a bar fridge we saw on sale yesterday. Knowing they might not have it anymore, we still take a trolley up with us just in case, since neither of us drives and the store is within walking distance.

I’m standing in the store while my mother talks to an employee. I’m approached by another customer who seems to be a little off. The customer notices my trolley.

Other Customer: “Do you guys still have those weed whackers I saw the other day?”

Me: “Um… I’m not sure?” *Confused*

Other Customer: *Seeming frustrated* “Never mind. I see them. You guys have them over here!”

The other customer walked away and I looked down at my clothing; I was wearing black yoga pants and a big red “Super Mario” shirt, and carrying a small purse over it. I’m still not sure what he thought.

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