They Must Be On A Shoe-String Budget

, , , | Right | September 1, 2018

(I work in a higher-end shoe store. Most of what we sell is relatively expensive. A customer approaches me during sale season, during which the majority of our merchandise is reduced.)

Customer: “My wife has been wanting to buy these shoes for three years, but they’re never on sale! Why do you reduce everything during a sale aside from these shoes?”

Me: “I’m very sorry, sir, but as floor staff we don’t really have any impact in pricing. You’ll have to take that up with the company itself.”

Customer: “I can see that you’re targeting me! Why don’t you reduce the price of these shoes? My wife just wants these shoes!”

Me: “Again, sir, I’m very sorry, but—”

Customer: “Three years we’ve been waiting!”

(I continue to apologise, but he clearly isn’t getting it. The customer continues ranting as he leaves the store.)

Customer: “Three years! For a pair of shoes!”

(The best bit? Our sales are mainly just for publicity, and rarely worth it. I’d honestly rather just buy the shoes at full price than wait for three years for the possibility of 10% off.)

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