They Missed You Since Breakfast  

, , , | Right | October 22, 2019

(I work as a hostess for a restaurant. I hear a conversation between two of the servers.)

Server #1: *to another server* “You have table seventy, right? I was their server a couple of hours ago for breakfast. Who eats here for two meals a day?”

Server #2: “Wow, so they were here for breakfast and they came in again? That’s pretty weird.”

(A little while later, I notice a table next to these customers that is dirty, so I go over to bus it. I walk past them but have my back turned to the customers. Then, I hear this customer yell:)

Customer: *in a really loud sing-song way* “[Server #1]! [Server #1]!”

(I finish busing and I turn around and head towards the kitchen when the customer who keeps yelling waves me over. I walk up to the table.)

Customer: “Are you [Server #1]?”

([Server #1] is about ten years older than me. She has short, black hair and I have long, dirty blonde hair. She has her nose pierced and a pretty noticeable tattoo behind her ear. I have neither. She is about a head taller than me and she has a server uniform on while I am just wearing nice clothes. We look nothing alike.)

Me: “No, I am not.”

Customer: “Well, we were in here earlier and we had a server named [Server #1].”

Me: “Okay…”

Customer: *turns to his adult daughter who is just giving me a weird stare* “This isn’t [Server #1].”

Daughter: “I know.”

Customer: “Is [Server #1] still here?”

Me: “Yes, she is.”

Customer: “Okay, tell her I said hi!”

(I go to [Server #1] and tell her what happened.)

Server #1: “Yeah, I am not going over there; that guy was weird.”

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