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They Met On The Bleach

| Romantic | September 5, 2013

( I am walking around the dealer room at an anime convention with one of my friends. I have a small plushie of one of my favorite anime characters, Gin Ichimaru, hanging from my name badge. A random stranger who happens to be dressed up as Gin runs up to me.)

Random Stranger: “Oh my god, it’s me!”

(The random stranger tackle hugs me.)

Me: “Eep!”

Random Stranger: “You’ve got a little plushie of me! You’re awesome!”

(It turns out my friend was leading me to the booth the Gin cosplayer was working at. She had a crush on the guy working with him, and eventually ended up dating him. Their relationship went up in smoke a few years ago, but Gin and I have been dating for four years. He’s still listed as Gin in my phone!)

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