They Met On The Bleach, Part 2

| Romantic | April 11, 2014

(My friends and I are cosplayers, and I am searching for a specific fabric for a bunch of new costumes we want to wear to the next convention. I go to a store and ask for that fabric. They don’t have any of it so I start to ask if there was something else we could use. There were two girls and a boy in this shop looking at the fabrics as well.)

Saleswoman: “So, what do you need that fabric for?”

Me: “A costume.” *in Germany a ladies’ suit is also called a costume*

Saleswoman: *blank stare*

Me: “You know… not like a skirt and a jacket. More like… a real costume.”


Me: “Um… yes?”

Saleswoman: “Oh, my God! Are you going to be at [Next Convention], too? Who are you going to be?”

Me: “Um yes… A character from Bleach. He is called Shunsui.”

Saleswoman: “THAT’S SO COOL!”

(By this time the two girls and the boy are standing practically next to me, talking about cosplay being ‘childish’ and so on. I really don’t want to cause trouble, so I ignore them and tell the saleswoman about the last convention we were at.)

Me: “It was really hot. I had this cosplay made out of this really long synthetic fur. And one of the guards told me to let security check me for weapons. So we went there and I let them put a sticker on my nose. And one of my friends was checked too, because she was dressed as the Easter bunny—”

(At this moment the boy whirls around and stares at me before he starts yelling too.)

Boy: “Oh, my God! YOU ARE THE MOONKIN!”

Me: *nods*

Boy: “How cool!”

(Complete silence, while everybody, including the two girls, stares at him in disbelief.)

Girl #1: “You are SO embarrassing! I don’t want you to be my boyfriend anymore!”

Boy: *deadpan* “You insulted a moonkin… I don’t want to be your boyfriend anymore, either!”

(With that, he just turned and left while the girls just glared at me until they left, too. Wherever you are, young man, you made my day! Thank you!)

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