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They Made A Gumbo Dumbo

, , , , | Working | November 1, 2019

(I go to a chain sandwich shop that’s given me a nice coupon for my birthday. It’s pretty slow; there’s one other couple eating food at a table, and no one else comes in for several minutes after I place my order. I want to try something new, so I order an Italian po’ boy and a cup of seafood gumbo. The sandwich comes with a choice of sides, and I opt for some BBQ-flavored potato chips. A seat myself and wait for my food. When it comes out, the potato chips on the plate don’t have the coloring one would expect from BBQ-flavored chips.)

Me: “Is this what your BBQ chips look like? They look a little odd.”

Server: “Oh, oops. No, those are our baked chips. Let me go get you your BBQ chips.”

(While she’s gone, I take a look at the soup she had placed on the table. It looks a little thin, and I stick my spoon in it and stir it around a bit. It’s all broth. The server returns shortly with my chips.)

Me: “I don’t think this is gumbo.”

Server: “No, it’s not. It’s the au jus for your sandwich.”

(I look at my sandwich. Since I am trying something new, I don’t know what my po’ boy is supposed to look like.)

Me: “So, this sandwich isn’t an Italian po’ boy, then?”

Server: “Oh, I’m so sorry. Let me fix your order for you.”

(She was very polite and apologetic, and we both had a good laugh. But seriously, with practically no one else in the restaurant, how did they mess up every single part of my order?)

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