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They Love To Laugh… And Sing!

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My brother and I are kids, about eight and six, and we just finished watching “Mary Poppins” on TV. We liked it and we’re going around imitating her and her songs.

Dad: “Why are they singing?”

Mom: “Oh, they just finished watching something.”

Dad: “What?”

Mom: “It’s called Mary Poppings I think.”

Dad:Poppings? What?”

I dance by, singing in a bad British accent.

Me: “Just a spoonful of sugaaa makes da medicine go dowonnnn!

Dad: “Why are you singing weirdly like that?”

Me: “I dunno. It’s how she sings!”

Mom: “They have British accents.”

Dad: “Ohh.”

Me: “Mom, what’s ‘British’?”

She just shook her head, and much later I learned about it. It’s funny to picture little me going around singing in a bad British accent before I even knew what it was. And before Brits get upset, I did and still like it; otherwise, I wouldn’t have tried to copy them, so no hate here.

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