They Lost Their Phone And Their Manners

, , , | Right | September 25, 2019

(I work at a small movie theater as a door person and newbie projectionist. I call it that since I know only the basics, really, and with digital only now, most of what I did know is unneeded. One day, a customer comes to me saying her son lost his phone.)

Mother: “My son lost his phone in Cinema 1. Can we go look for it?”

Me: “Of course, and I’ll come help and help find it; I’ve got a flashlight to make it easier to spot.”

(The mother, the son, and I begin to look around for the phone for a good couple of minutes with no luck. She sighs, rather upset, and asks if I have found it. I tell her no and that the night cleaner still has a chance to find it. I tell her to leave a name and number at the office so we may call her if we find it. She nods and goes and does that, and I go to help the girls behind the counter. She later comes back with a rather mean look on her face her and says to me:)

Mother: “You know what? I think you took my son’s phone!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I don’t have it. I only have my own.” *shows her my phone* 

Mother: “Well, my son’s was an iPhone, so I’m sure you would take it because it’s better!” 

(My phone is an old Razor flip phone.)

Me: “I assure you, I would never do so, as I can buy my own. I am sorry we couldn’t find it.”

(Her son then chimes in.)

Son: “With what?! They pay you, like, 12 bucks. You can’t afford that!”

(I looked at them in shock as I couldn’t believe that these two people were being so rude after I had just tried to help them find the phone. They then left, all in a huff. As they passed, one of my managers said to them that she knew I would never steal from anyone, but they didn’t listen. Instead, the mother yelled one last time, saying that she was going to report me to the owners. Never heard from them since.)

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