They Lost The Stair-ing Match, Part 2

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I used to work for a moving company. One of our regular jobs was moving office furniture between buildings at one of the local university campuses, which happened every summer.

For this particular move, we were moving several offices located on the second floor of the campus’s oldest building, which had only one elevator. Among the things we were moving were filled fireproof file cabinets, which were heavy enough that more than one would trip the elevator’s overload safety, although we could fit other things on there to avoid wasting too much time. 

Still, the elevator was a bottleneck, to the point where we had the entire hallway lined with furniture on wheels while we loaded the elevator up, sent it downstairs by itself, had a crew unload it and send it back up while they loaded the truck, and repeated the process.

This very hot and strenuous work was interrupted as a student — presumably in summer classes — walked up, saw that the elevator was not useable, and proceeded to shout, “You lazy motherf*****s need to learn how to use the g**d**n stairs,” before storming off, leaving us bewildered and furious.

They Lost The Stair-ing Match

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