They Left In Good Spirits, And Wines, And Cocktails…

, , , , | Right | February 27, 2019

(A group of woman out for a hen-do have just left my pub. I see them walking around the building through the windows. They spot our side entrance and come back in. They spend another hour with us until they ask to pay their tab.)

Woman: “Hey, do you know there’s a pub just around the corner that looks just like this? You should be careful, or you’ll get arrested for copying.”

Me: “Actually, this is the same building you left an hour ago. See? You left one of your balloons on the table you were sat at.”

(They all looked, screamed in shock, and then drunkenly tried to retrieve the balloon. Some of the workers thought they were probably a little too drunk, and we called for a community officer to help them get home. They left in good spirits. We found out a week later, from the same officer, that he was called for them another three times after he saw them off in a taxi. Two were bars and one was a fast food place. They weren’t troublesome, but the bars assumed, like us, that they were too drunk. They either sobered up or went home after the fast food place, as there were no more calls.)

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