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They Know Where They Can Stick That Chopstick…

| Romantic | December 21, 2015

(My girlfriend and I decide to go and get coffee together. I am also a girl, and we walk in holding hands. We order, and go to pay. The cashier is giving us a weird look.)

Cashier: “So, which one of you is the guy?”

Girlfriend: “Uhhh… what?!”

Cashier: “I mean in your relationship. Which one of you is the guy?”

(At this point, I pick up two spoons off the counter, and hold them up to him.)

Me: “Hey, can you tell me which one of these spoons is the chopstick?”

Cashier: “What?”

(He got this bewildered look on his face, which sent my girlfriend into fits of laughter. Even after we paid and walked away, he still looked totally confused.)

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