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They Keep House Better Than You Keep Your Belongings

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: deepthroatcircus | June 3, 2021

Our hotel is chronically understaffed and housekeeping is constantly overworked. I am helping out on a particularly busy weekend when they are swamped. We have sold way more rooms than housekeeping is capable of servicing, so we have people from all different departments helping tidy up rooms, make beds, etc. I go to clean a room that has just checked out and everything goes as normal. I clean the room, the housekeeping supervisor checks it, and she passes it off as ready for sale.

A guest calls about an hour after checking out and claims she forgot her phone in the room I just cleaned. Housekeeping calls me and asks if I found an iPhone in the room. I say no, but I’ll go back and check to see if I missed it somehow. I go and check and find nothing. The supervisor also says she found nothing.

The guest insists she left the phone there and gets angrier and angrier because she’s on her way to the airport and is flying home. Things escalate to the point where she says she will call the police on us.

The police do get involved; they contact housekeeping and ask them to identify who had access to the room. The head of housekeeping and my manager call me down and fill me in. They say that I really need to tell the truth as to whether I found the phone or not. I swear to them that I didn’t, and I even show one of the managers the inside of my locker and the contents of my gym bag to prove I don’t have it. They then proceed to question the housekeeping supervisor, and she says the same thing and also shows them her locker and her purse.

We’re freaking out because the police are involved and nobody knows who took the phone. Then, the front desk calls down. The woman has called the police to let them know that she found her iPhone; it was in her suitcase.

No apology. No call to the hotel. Nothing. The police are pissed off that she has wasted their time, and for some reason, nobody at the hotel ends up taking any action against her.

Moral of the story: if you’re going to accuse people of stealing and put their jobs at risk, make sure your stupid a** is sure you actually lost it.

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