They Heard The Twilight Bark

, , , , | Friendly | June 14, 2016

(Through a mutual love of a dog based podcast I have made many friends around the world. Having met on social media a smaller group of us frequently chats in a chat group.  One of the chat group members is a trans-male and has his first appointment in a city an hour away from his home to get his testosterone shots.)

Friend: “[Trans Friend] got in a fender bender and is having a panic attack. Who lives in [State]?”

(The call was put out on social media to the larger group and we find a chat group friend who can meet up with him. Not only does she meet him but gets him to his appointment and to her place before making sure he gets a taxi home with a driver who is trans accepting. I call him once he is home.)

Trans Friend: “I can’t believe everyone pulled together for me like that. I was so scared to be in the city dressed male. I was only expecting to walk from the parking garage to the clinic, not go on public transportation.”

Me: “Well, we love you, silly. Also your dog has some majestic floof.”

Trans Friend: “I love your dogs, too.”

(We get each other.)

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