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They Haven’t Quite Nailed The Free Sample Thing

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I’m shopping in a supermarket. I turn to go down the next aisle when I see a woman and her daughter blocking it with their trolley. I pause a moment to consider getting past them when I notice that she is applying nail polish; it’s so unusual and blatant that it makes me stop in my tracks.

She has several very expensive bottles of nail polish opened and set up on the trolley seat like her own personal display and has left the shelves a mess of boxes and opened bottles.

I watch her finish doing a nail, hold her hand out to consider the colour, frown, and then put the bottle back on the shelf. This shop doesn’t have testers, so she has just ruined another bottle.

I blurt out without thinking.

Me: “Wow, the thieves are getting bold these days.

Instantly, I regret saying anything at all. I was just going to scuttle off, but then she comes back with this stupid comment.

Customer: “I am not a thief! I haven’t taken anything.”

Me: “And you’re going to pay for the products you used?

Customer: “It’s not stealing! I put it back!”

Me: “You still used it! You can’t take a bite out of an apple and not pay for it.”

Customer: “It isn’t an apple; it’s makeup!”

Me: “You are just utterly clueless.”

Customer: “What’s it to you, anyway? You don’t know what it’s like to be a single mum!”

She goes on and on. I tell her that I simply do not care; her circumstances do not make it okay to steal, which riles her up even more. I walk off, at which point she rams me with her trolley, the whole time ranting and raving about how hard it is to be her.

We get a few aisles down. She is still in pursuit and has struck the back of my heels twice already when an employee comes over.

Employee: “Is there a problem?”

Me: “Yes, I caught her stealing and now she’s mad at me.”

Customer: “What? No, she was rude. I demand you kick her out!”

Employee: “What was it that she was stealing?”

Me: “Makeup — well, nail polish. She has opened a dozen bottles. I bet her nails are still wet.”

Customer: “It’s not stealing! I put it back!”

The employee radios for loss prevention. They lead her away with her shouting her innocence.

Me: “What’s going to happen to her?”

Employee: “They will ask her to pay for the products she damaged or ban her from the store.”

Me: “I doubt she will pay.”

Employee: “The crazy ones never do. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.”

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