They Have Vampirical Evidence

| USA | Learning | May 12, 2017

(We are a bunch of medical science PhD students who are at a mandatory seminar of a visiting scholar. The speaker is pale and fairly handsome, and also looks no older than mid-twenties. Because of his academic degrees and the amount of research he has under his belt, he must be mid-thirties. He also is fairly emotionless throughout his talk, even though it’s on a very bleak topic. The only time he shows any emotion is when he gives a slight smile as he says, “of course, this population has a very high mortality rate.” As we are leaving the lecture hall, this conversation takes place:)

Student #1: “Chances he’s a vampire?”

Student #2: “Oh, definitely more than 50%.”

Student #1: “Odds ratio p-value?”

Student #2: “Far below .05.”

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