They Have The Stomach For It

| Related | June 19, 2013

(Every so often, my five-year-old son will get too worked up over a disagreement. I have come up with a simple plan to break things up and change the subject.)

Son: *getting upset about a disagreement*

Me: “Yeah? Well… YOUR FACE!”

(I say this as cheesy and lame as a bad 90s ‘yo momma’ joke.)

Son: “Oh yeah? Your elbow, mommy!”

Me: “Ooh, but, really… your SHOULDER!”

Son: “Your… HAIR!

Me: “Your pancreas!”

Son: “No! That’s not a body part! You cheated!”

Me: “Yeah-huh, it is TOO a body part! It’s in next to your stomach and liver and gallbladder and stuff!”

Son: “But you cheated!”

Me: “Well you know what? Your pinky toe!”

Son: “Your EYEBALL!”

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