They Have The Problem In Hand

, , , , , | Right | June 5, 2020

Due to the ongoing health crisis, the grocery store where I work has decided to have an employee stand by the door at all times offering people hand sanitiser as they walk in.

Me: “How are you today? Would you like some hand sanitiser?”

Customer: “Oh, yes, please.”

She puts her hands out for me to squirt some on. As I do, I notice her hands look kind of puffy and pink. Once the sanitiser is on her hands, she pulls them back and begins rubbing it in.

Customer: “You know, I put some of this stuff on my hands yesterday and had an allergic reaction. My hands turned red and got all swollen. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen again today.”

And with that, she happily walked off down an aisle to begin her shopping.

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