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They Have The Monopoly Over Lost Wallets

, , , , , | Right | June 28, 2019

(I am at my house on my day off when my manager calls.)

Manager: “Hey, a customer came here because her daughter lost her wallet and called in and someone said we had it. I can’t find it in the safe and there’s no note about it. Do you know anything about it?”

Me: “Is it a child’s pink wallet?”

Manager: “Yeah, so you took that call?”

Me: “Yeah, but it’s not in the safe; it’s just in the lost and found drawer.”

Manager: “Why would it be in there? She said there’s money in it and because of that, we have to lock it up.”

Me: “Yeah, that ‘money’ in the wallet was all just Monopoly money. Other than that, all it had was just a library card.”

Manager: “Are you kidding me? She could have said it was fake money. Thanks. I’ll check the drawer.”

(How do you forget to mention your child didn’t have real money in her wallet? Furthermore, is it really that important to track down a wallet with absolutely nothing valuable inside it?)


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