They Have Something To Declare

| Working | October 31, 2013

(I am 17 and my mom is in her 40s. We are flying back from a month long trip across Europe, and are getting ready to land back in Canada.)

Flight Attendant: “Customs forms, one per household.”

My Mom: “Thanks, we just need one.”

Flight Attendant: “It’s one per household.”

My Mom: “Yes, thanks, just one.”

(The flight attendant leaves, but comes back shortly after and squats down next to us so he can talk quietly.)

Flight Attendant: “You do know these are one per household right?”

My Mom: “Yeah…”

Flight Attendant: “So are you two married, or…?”

My Mom: “She’s my daughter.”

(The flight attendant turned bright red, apologized and ran off. Mom and I couldn’t stop laughing. Shortly thereafter a different flight attendant came, said the guy was really embarrassed and really sorry and they would like to offer us a free bottle of wine for the mistake. We already had our liquor limit in wine from Italy, so we gave it to the flight attendant on our way out and thanked him for making us laugh!)

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