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They Have Non-Daddy Issues

| Friendly | November 29, 2016

(I am using the gym in my complex. Due to it being the heat of late summer, the windows are open, meaning I can hear what’s going on outside. Three teenage girls come walking by, letting out this gem as they pass by the open window.)

Teenager #1: “So my dad just can’t believe they let me come to school dressed like this…”

Teenager #2: “Wait, you have a dad? Like your mom shacked up with a new guy?”

Teenager #1: “Erm… no, he’s my real dad. My parents aren’t divorced.”

Teenager #3: “You know who your real dad is? Wow, that is, like, so last century! No one knows who their real dad is today!”

(Sadly they then walk out of earshot so I can only guess the context that lead to this most bewildering snippet.)

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