They Have No Time For Your Baggage

, , , | Right | January 21, 2019

(We let customers use hand scanners for their shopping. You just grab a hand scanner at the entrance, scan the barcodes while you are shopping, and at the checkout you just have to swipe a store card and pay your bill. To prevent theft, the system randomly assigns some customers to the purchase check, where the store employee will scan ten random items in the basket. If something goes wrong, they have to scan all your items. This has happened to me twice.)

Check-Out Machine: “Purchase check; please wait until an employee comes over.”

(The employee starts scanning items, and the very first thing — a grocery bag — does not scan. I know it’s a problem with their scanner, because this has happened before.)

Employee: “Please come over.”

Me: *grins and goes over to the till with my 100+ items* “I hope you realise I did not come here to steal grocery bags?”

Employee: “Yeah, I know, but the system is set up that way.”

Me: “It’s not a problem; it’s just funny.”

Employee: “Everything checks out. Thank you and goodbye.”

Me: “Have a nice day.”

(The store gives a small candy bar to everyone who has to go through the purchase check. And it’s still lot faster than waiting in line for a human cashier.)

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