They Have Extra Room For Improvement

| Friendly | February 23, 2017

(My boyfriend and I are both employed full-time, plus I have a second job. Between the various pay schedules, we get between 6-7 paychecks per month. My best friend and I are chatting online and I mention we realized one paycheck from each of our three jobs will all come within a few days, making us feel suddenly richer. We then change topics to the fact that my boyfriend suggested we spend a night in our favorite local beach town after we get married next month.)

Me: “[Boyfriend] wants to get a room in [Town] for a night after the wedding for a fake mini-honeymoon.”

Friend: “With all those moneys rolling in, you could even get TWO!”

Me: “We could! Though I guess we’d have to leave one empty or else it would defeat the purpose of the mini-moon thing.”

(There is a slightly long pause in the conversation – abnormal between us.)

Me: “…and I only just realized you meant two NIGHTS, not two ROOMS.”

Friend: “Haha, yeah… I was wondering how long it would take you to catch on to that.”

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