They Have Beef With The Dinner

| Albuquerque, NM, USA | Related | June 3, 2012

(Every summer, my parents take the grandkids for a week to give us a break. My dad is a diabetic and cannot eat certain foods. Mom usually cooks from scratch and had some homemade chicken nuggets left over from hosting my brother’s kids. On this day, she serves the nuggets to my kids, but makes my dad a steak.)

Grandma: “Lunch is ready.”

Younger son: *age 4* “Hey, cool! Nuggets and applesauce, my favorite!”

Older son: *age 6* “Grandma, how come we don’t have steak too?”

Grandma: “Grandpa can’t have nuggets, and you guys love them.”

(Both boys look at their plates, then at Grandpa’s, and then at each other. Without a word both push the plates forward.)

Older son: *in a world weary voice* “Grandma…” *sigh* “I hate to tell you this, but we are both older and have grown beyond the chicken nuggets. Please give us some steak as well.”

(Once my mom was sure she could speak without laughing.)

Grandma: “Nice try, and I commend you for asking nicely. But you still have to eat the nuggets.”

(Both boys sigh, pull their plates closer and eat. While mom goes in the other room to call and tell me, my dad then slips them each a bite of steak.)

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