They Have A Toad In The Hole

| Related | March 6, 2015

(I am about four years old. Whenever my Grandpa would pass gas he would tell me, ‘oops, Grandpa sat on a frog!’ My Grandpa and Grandma #1 were coming to stay with us for a couple of days, as they live out of state. I am jumping on the bed while Grandma #1 and Grandma #2 are watching with my parents and I pass gas.)

Grandma #2: “What do you say?”

Me: *stops jumping and proudly announces* “Oops! There’s a frog in my butt!”

(Grandma #2 was mortified while the rest of my family was dying of laughter, Grandma #1 explained the reasons why I said that.)

Grandma #2: “Well, no Granddaughter of mine is going to say things like that!”

(Grandma #2 spent the next few months teaching me to say ‘pardon me, I fluffed.’ A couple of months later Grandpa and Grandma #1 are back in town and we are all at a restaurant together. I pass gas and the family looks at me.)

Me: *glancing at Grandma #2* “Pardon me, my frog just fluffed!”

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