They Have A Simulated Drinking Problem

| Related | September 3, 2013

(I am 16; my best friend is 17. She has very strict Muslim parents. We’re playing ‘The Sims’ in the basement. My friend clicks to make a character drink straight from a soda container, which looks like a keg.)

Friend: “Look, he’s drinking! Come on, chug!”

Me: “He looks so stupid! Partying it up, huh?”

(We look at each other.)

Both: “Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!”

(We hear hurrying footsteps above us, and realize we’ve been kind of loud.)

Friend: “Oh, no…”

(Her dad bursts into the room.)

Friend’s Dad: “What in the world is going on down here? Have you been drinking? I’m going to search the whole room! I thought you were good girls…”

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