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They Have A Drinking Problem

| Working | April 7, 2015

(We have just ordered two combo meals which come with drinks. We get to the second window and receive our meals, but only one drink. Mind that both meals had their fries, and thus had been marked as combos.)

Husband: “Ma’am, were missing a drink.”

Server: “All right, let me get that for you, sir.”

(We wait two minutes.)

Server: “You’re the ones with the [someone else’s order]?”

Us: “No, ma’am, we’re waiting on a drink.”

(She disappears for another two minutes.)

Server: “All right, so you’re the [other order].”

Husband: “…No, we’re still just waiting for a drink.”

(By now, we’ve in the drive through line for at least 10 minutes.)

Server: “All right, well, we didn’t put the drink on the order, so—”

Husband: “…Well, here’s my card. Charge what you need to for the drink.”

Server: *takes the card* “No one needs that attitude, sir.”

(My husband and I look at each other puzzled, but we give up. We get a drink and his card back and head off.)

Husband: *takes a sip of his drink once we’re at home* “…This is the wrong drink.”

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