They Had You Booked As A Troublemaker

, , , | Working | February 18, 2020

(There is a bookstore right at my university bus stop and if I have a small wait, I go in and browse. As it is on a bus stop, most of the workers know that people usually come in for five to ten minutes. I have classes four days a week, so I’m in there maybe one or two times a week, depending on weather, waits, and crowds. Online purchases of books have just overtaken book sales and one national chain has already closed. I am purchasing something at the counter.)

Shop Attendant: “Oh, you finally found something.”

Me: “Yes, this is a huge store, and I have never had the time to look all the way through. I’m really excited about this book, though.”

Shop Attendant: “Time? Like, do you work or anything? Because I see you all the time.”

Me: *wondering why she isn’t scanning my book* “Yes, I’m often catching the bus to uni, so I have a look around for the ten minutes or so until the bus comes.”

Shop Attendant: “Oh, are you sure you can afford this? If you aren’t working maybe you should rethink non-essential purchases, especially when you are in here so often.”

Me: “What makes you think I can’t afford this? And how dare you comment on a customer’s finances? Not that it is any of your business, but I do work, as well as studying. I actually work in the customer service industry and have treated paying customers who have thrown drinks on me better than you are treating me now. Have a nice day.”

(I go to leave without purchasing anything.)

Shop Attendant: “Wait, what about this? If you can’t pay for it then you need to put it back.”

Me: “Really? Are you kidding me right now? Maybe the news is wrong. Our generation isn’t reading less; we just aren’t buying books from stores with judgmental tools who think their opinions are wanted.”

(I didn’t go into that store again for over a year. When I did, it was to check out their closing-down sales.)

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