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They Had It Coming

, , , , , | Working | CREDIT: TheC*ntHunter6969 | May 20, 2021

I’m a seventeen-year-old “web dev” who can make basic websites and stuff to earn money for video games. The job’s pretty easy for the pay.

I get picked up by some local bakery so people can preorder cakes and stuff online. It takes me a few hours to puke out a functional back end and a day to make it all pretty. I agree to Rs 700 — basically $10 — which is insanely cheap even for India, but all I need is video game money, so I’m good with that.

When I’m done with the job, they need to purchase the domains and a server, which I explicitly explain to them: “You pay me $10 and use another $10 to buy a domain and $5 to rent servers. The total is $25.”

They give me $15 so I can set their stuff up. Once the website is fully operational, I ask for my $10. But they don’t want to pay because, “if you’re not hosting the server anyway, why do I need compensation?” Y’know, because, apparently, time has no value.

The thing is, I can still access the server as I have the credentials for it, so I go home, log in, and make one tiny change.

The way the website works is that there’s a customer page that shows you your orders, and there’s a page for the store owners to see orders, payments, etc.

I add a small, inconspicuous, “May contain semen” warning in all product details. On the page where it shows order confirmations to the customers, some options are changed to semen — like semen frosting — at random.

The website goes down in about a week and they’re back to selling on Facebook. I guess someone complained or something.

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